Our Vision

I come by my love of plants naturally, having grown up on a truck farm in Michigan. From earliest childhood I have fond memories of tending the berry patch, vegetable and flower gardens. I weeded and watered and watched the plants grow, picked tomatoes, corn, berries and more for our daily meals, all the while stuffing myself with a share of the harvest. 

Favorite moments include cutting flowers and arranging bouquets each week to reflect the season and what was in bloom.

A favorite place to visit was my aunt Rene's home with her magnificent borders full of blooming plants and shrubs so different from what we had in our yard and gardens. Fall was a magical time; time to divide and transplant my aunt's perennials many of which I carted home to add to our gardens.  -- Cheryl

Cheryl Phillips 


Thanks for keeping our "extreme garden" looking so great!                                                                                                  N. K.


Thank you for all of your help with the improvements to our property this year. The outdoor pots and the new tree are beautiful. We are thrilled with your work.                                                                     J. P.


We are looking forward to seeing our new gardens this summer, we know they will be wonderful. Thank you for all of your help.         R. B.



our gardens are great, there are new flowers appearing almost daily. Thank you for all of your work.                                                     G. K.

​Client Raves
 A garden is an extension of your home, it should reflect your personality, offer you joy and provide a peaceful retreat at the end of the day.

We draw inspiration from our natural surroundings;  incorporating those vistas, plants and materials into our designs. Whether your home is situated in an alpine setting or at a lower elevation of Juniper & Sage we will provide a landscape that blends into the natural environment beautifully.